[Laneige] Water Bank Hydro Cream EX 50ml

$40.10 $52.10
Key Point 1. Skin’s moisturizing ability boosted by 'Green Mineral Water' The formula improves the skin’s original moisturizing ability with 'Green Mineral Water' extracted from a selection of vegetables through Ocean Brew. Key Point 2. Skin purification with the antioxidant effect of garden cress With an excellent antioxidant effect, garden cress removes harmful and active oxygen to improve the skin’s defensive ability. Key Point 3. 24-hour moisture retention by locking in the water Water Zipper Technology locks in the moisture for 24-hour moisture retention. * Two-week clinical test with 30 subjects conducted by IEC Korea Key Point 4. Hydrating and moisturizing protection for day-long lightweight dewiness “Hydro Fresh Matrix” stretches out a dewy and refreshing barrier to lock in all the moisture throughout the day.Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream EX 50ml

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