EDGEU Real Gel Yellow Nail Press On Sticker Strips, 34-Piece Strips Set, 6 Layer Baked Real Gel (ENT602 Yummy Smile)

$19.95 $28.10
EDGEU Real Gel Nail Press On Sticker Strips, 34-Piece Strips Set, Innovative 6 Layer Baked Real Gel Technology. Now you can enjoy the same high quality gel nails as nail shops without the constraints of time and space. Semi-cure nails are a whole new type of gel nails sticker made of real liquid gel with innovative 6 layer baked real gel technique that are flexible and wearable for all nail shapes. Waterproof and long lasting, and yet easy to remove! Sticker is stretchable to fit your nails shape. Upon curing with a LED nail lamp, the gel will completely harden like salon quality gel nails.Must do1. Cleaning nail surface-Wash your hands before application, and remove all oil and moisture on every nail surface using a prep pad.* You must completely clean and dry your nail surface using prep pad before application* Sweat, moisture, hand cream, oil on your nails may reduce adhesion of the semi-cured gel.2. File in one direction for the perfect trimming.
  • Created using an innovative 6 Layer baked real gel technique
  • Real gel as it is! Real gel ingredients used in professional nail salons are used to reproduce the appeal strength.
  • High point volume and More complete with the glass tower layer!
  • Easy to Remove: Less damage Minimize keratin damage with self-developed adhesive layer
  • Long Lasting and Waterproof: Staying power 2x up! Fitting power 3x up! Our own unique base layer allows it to fit your nail tightly and to stay firmly in place for a long time!

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