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Vitapair C Toner Set comes with Vitapair C Toner 300ml + Cotton Pad Container with 45 Dry Pads. Vitapair C Line is meticulously crafted using a cold-brew method that derives natural extracts for 24 hrs. This ensures that our formula is gentle, yet effective. Our Vitapair C Line contains 10% Green Jeju Lemon and centella extract to deliver a brightening and soothing dose of vitamin c. 

  • Vitapair C Toner 300ml + Vitapair C Cotton Pad Container with 45 Dry Pads
  • A vitamin-c packed toner that delivers a boost of hydration and moisture, while brightening and balancing skin.
  • Made with 10% Green Jeju Lemon extract, centella asiatica, and vitamin c for a refreshing finish. Add this exfoliating toner for a glowing complexion!
  1. Best applied washing face.
  2. Open the commons cap and put the Vitapair C toner into the pad teeth so that the toner can seep into the pad.
  3. You can adjust the amount of toner according to your preference.
  4. Be sure to close the cap after using the toner plaque.

✔️Contains 10% Fresh Jeju Lemon + Vitamin C

Main Ingredients: Jeju Organic Green Lemon Extract, Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid, Centella Extract 1,000ppm containing Vitamin C derivative, AHA / BHA / PHA, Vitamin C.

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